Baby Driver: the Power of Song

I’ll start with a bit of a disclaimer – I have never been a fan of car movies. Cars are nice and all, but I find them to be quite a boring subject matter in a narrative. However, I really loved Baby Driver. Let me tell you why.

The thing that really roped me in with Baby Driver was how central music is to the story. Baby, the protagonist, relies on his music to distract himself from the constant tinnitus in his ears left there by a tragic accident in his childhood. From start to finish, we are viewing the story through the lens of his chosen soundtrack and it is especially during the heists that the music completely steals the spotlight.

Everything on the heist happens in rhythm with the track that Baby puts on culminating in an exhilarating getaway that accentuates the beats, riffs, lyrics – you name it – of the song. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch, regardless of car chases being your thing or not.

Even in the quieter, calmer moments Baby’s music is ever present. It’s there, gently reminding us of all those times that we’ve escaped the crushing pressure of reality by using music to drown out all the noise. We’ve all had those moments when a certain song has brought more color into our lives making us believe in something better, and Baby Driver is a celebration of those times.

Having the relevant events and actions follow the beats of the song is not the only thing in the movie that are visually pleasing however – so are Edgar Wright’s masterfully flowing transitions that make a return in similar vein as in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. In case you have never noticed his magic at work, there is a great video by Nerdwriter1 on YouTube that highlights some of the transitions in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Even if you didn’t like that particular film, the video is still worth watching if you are interested in the art of film making.

That all being said, my opinion on Baby Driver might be biased, because I am one of the cool kids who still uses an iPod Classic on a daily basis, just like Baby.


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