Kept You Waiting, huh?

It’s a new year, and a new us.

2018 managed to take all of us here at Busy Potatoes by surprise and for various reasons we spent that year in a whirlwind of activity that kept us too busy to focus on the site. Things have finally settled down enough now that 2019 has come along, bringing along with it plenty of things we wish to cover (can you believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually out now?!). Continue reading “Kept You Waiting, huh?”

Sony Playstation TGS Conference 2017: My Five Picks

I usually don’t have high hopes for conferences, because most of the news is already known or leaked before the event. The new stuff that awaits is oftentimes only gameplay or not-before-seen cinematics. However, on today’s Sony Playstation Tokyo Game Show Press Conference, I actually got more excited. Let’s see where I want to throw my money to. Continue reading “Sony Playstation TGS Conference 2017: My Five Picks”