Sony Playstation TGS Conference 2017: My Five Picks

I usually don’t have high hopes for conferences, because most of the news is already known or leaked before the event. The new stuff that awaits is oftentimes only gameplay or not-before-seen cinematics. However, on today’s Sony Playstation Tokyo Game Show Press Conference, I actually got more excited. Let’s see where I want to throw my money to.

LEFT ALIVE by Square Enix


I didn’t see this coming from miles away. A brand new mecha game from Square Enix, which is one my favourites in games. As the trailer didn’t show too much, I became increasingly hungry for more details. According to Square Enix’s newest update, the game is a survival action shooter. The word ”Survival” got me interested. Besides that, there is Yoji Shinkawa on character designs, known for the Metal Gear Solid series AND Takayuki Yanase doing the mecha designs, known for Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The developing cast is very promising and as a mecha fan this opportunity just can’t be ignored.

Dissidia NT by Square Enix

Dissidia NT

You can pretty much ignore the pretty boy in the picture – what’s more important is the actual game. Your favourite Final Fantasy characters fighting out on a battleground, what more do you need? Especially now that I am on a Final Fantasy binge run after finishing the 15th installment. Our money is ready for it.

Virtual On / A Certain Magical Index crossover by SEGA

Virtual On / A Certain Magical Index crossover

I have known both series beforehand (though I have never played Virtual On), so seeing this kind of crossover is refreshing. The graphics look very updated. Even if it is just a reboot, I am keeping my eyes on this lad.

Final Fantasy IX

I have wished that Square Enix would take its time to remaster this beautiful work, but even just getting a new port is a blessing. I almost got emotional by hearing the nostalgic soundtrack. What’s not to like about when a classic get to be re-released on the newest console?

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

My last pick is a mecha game from Atlus and Vanillaware. It wasn’t only the art that piqued my interest, but even the music is superb. Check out the trailer. I think this game has a different take on the mecha genre as the main mechanics don’t seem to revolve around smashing action buttons. You got my attention alright.

All in all, it was an interesting conference. What were your favourites? Share it with us. I bet Monster Hunter World is one of them. In case you missed the conference, you can re-watch the live stream here.

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