Piecing Together the Newest Clues for Death Stranding

I might have skipped a few trailers on my series of detailed looks into Death Stranding, but now in celebration of the announcement of the release date (November 8th) I will be returning to this tradition, perhaps, for the last time. We have a lot to cover with this new 9 minute long trailer, so let’s get started! Continue reading “Piecing Together the Newest Clues for Death Stranding”

Detroit: Become Human Wants You to Fail

I still remember how back when Heavy Rain came out, it was nothing like anything I had ever seen or played before and it left a really huge impression on me. It had its flaws, but it made me realize how much I genuinely enjoyed story-driven games and since then, we’ve gotten so many amazing iterations on the genre such as the TellTale Games games, Life is Strange series and Until Dawn, and I unashamedly love all of these to bits. Continue reading “Detroit: Become Human Wants You to Fail”