Brain Fried: Timeless Gaming is Valuable

I turned on the PS4 console and let a game run – a story-driven game that is. Texts and dialogues pop up during the oh so many in-game interactions. The skip button on the screen looked very appealing. I pressed on it so that the game would continue. Not soon after, I found out there were some hidden hints and instructions in the dialogues I had just skipped. Now, either you hope that the game developers have added a function to rewind the dialogues … or you have to replay the part you missed. Somehow, there is an internal clock that keeps yelling for you to play faster.

”Keep those buttons smashed and continue playing.”

The point is: gaming is nowadays for the less patient. I am afraid to say I might be one of those gamers.


Recent games seem to have a shorter game span – to entertain gamers for more than 30 hours is already a good feat. More than that and it is a miracle. Of course, there are games that are able to push out those hours. Think about MMO(RPG), open world or multiple endings games. They inherently are made to keep the controllers in the gamers’ hands.

Or another option is that developers are handing out DLCs like little candies. After completing a stranded core game they pump the online store full with DLCs. As gamers, you would feel cheated because you bought an incomplete game.

More often, you might also see easy mode being implemented. Although, it is not an influential factor, it gives an excuse to players to skip the difficulty challenge and choose the easy way out – just so you could finish the game in a faster manner.

I try to remember back to how it was when I was a child. I could actually spend a whole day playing the game, maybe even continue through the night. Not because I had the time and energy to do that, but because I was just so immersed in the story and the world setting that I could actually escape from the boring school days. As a part of growing up, it is not possible for me anymore. It is not even healthy for me, so I am glad I can put that away. Though, I do admit, I sometimes wish I could play games without feeling like I was in a rush and like time was hunting me.

BRAIN FRIED is a column to express my opinions on what’s happening in games or other relevant topics. It is totally fine if you don’t agree with me. I would be glad to hear from your side. 

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