60 Bucks For A Game Is Not A Good Argument!

In the recent heated battle of service-based and fixed price games, there has been a bunch of references to the price of a single game. The most used argument is that the price level will always stay at the magical 60 USD for fixed price games. Maybe I could propose something new way for setting the price in the future.

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This War Of Mine Challenged Me!

I have been checking my Steam to see what games I’ve purchased along the years, but haven’t played yet for some reason or another. Just need a short break from my Age Of Empires II itch. I have heard good things about This War Of Mine and decided to give it a try. As a business fanatic, I was given quite a shocker after my first failed run.
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What Publishers Should Have Done With AAA Titles For Their Revenue Hunger!

I played EA’s (Electronic Arts) games when I was young. I was really into it. And honestly, I thought it was one of the better companies. It pains me to see such an important company to have fallen so low with the need for microtransactions and other publishers have followed the same path. But let’s not get stuck what could be done better – everyone has read about the latest controversies. Everyone has their own ideas on what EA should have done. So do I and here they are.

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Cosmetic DLC is not How Not To Be Seen

42, other than “the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” is the film number of H.M. Government Public Service Films that should be go-to choice for anyone playing tactical/stealth shooters. Don’t be like Mr. E.R. Bradshaw of Napier Court, Black Lion Road London SE5, and don’t stand out.

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