kenl’s Top 5 Games of 2017

It is that time again in the year when we can reflect back on a full year of video games. Surely, there were a lot of disturbing facts in the games biz, but let’s keep that aside and get ready to celebrate the new year. Here are my picks for 2017 games. Not all of them are the best games per se, but more along the lines that they left a deep impression on me or I want to play them more.

Nier: Automata

Superior Japanese PS4 cover

I should have written a review or an article about this masterpiece. Not only has it left me a deep impression, but it also kept me thinking for days afterwards. It is one of those rare games that you need to play the game to understand the story. The game was able to reach out on a personal level for players. The game makes you feel for the characters and care for them. Lastly, as a mecha fan, I couldn’t ask for a better game, despite the technical faults. I would rate Nier: Automata ”mindblowing” three times.

Persona 5


Another very special game for me, not only was it my first baby step into the Persona series. I was enjoying the story and characters a lot. I was so excited after the first run, that I immediately continued with the second run. And God bless for the Japanese audio DLC. However during the ending credits, I was feeling a bit sad. Somehow, the ending theme really recaptures the many adventures I had – the many bosses, the many fun dialogues, the many exciting battles. All I could think was ”Ah this was really good”. The only other time I had this sad feeling was with the ending of Final Fantasy IX.

Yakuza 0

Handsome men in suits and flying yens

Although, the game was released two years ago in Japan it still feels fresh and fun to play. Yakuza has also been my go to game for silly dialogues and funny encounters with NPCs. To be honest, I only played Yakuza 4 before. Somehow, Yakuza seems to be the only series that can be both fun to play and also fun to follow the story. Oh boy, I am a lucky guy because Yakuza Kiwami is just around the corner on my games’ shelf after I am done with this one.

Little Nightmares

Minimalistic game design is an awesome way to go. I am not a fan of horror games, but I felt a deep connection with Six. I want her to survive the harsh and terrifying environments. Although being an indie game, it didn’t feel short – aside from the length – in terms of game play. You can do a lot with Six, but you also need to think ahead. There are no obvious hints where you can hide or fight. As a player, you need to explore before you can run to safety. I really miss theses kind of games and wish there were more.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

Life Is Strange_ Before the Storm

Maybe an unexpected call as my pick, but I really like the prequel as much as I liked the  original Life Is Strange. I didn’t choose it for the gameplay or visual presentation, but I want to give my thumbs up for the developers. I feel they have done a splendid job in creating a fitting and immersive story behind Chloe’s tough exterior – how she is changed in looks and character and how Arcadia Bay ended up as in Life Is Strange. Honestly, I didn’t care too much for Rachel, but it didn’t take much to feel for the pair.

PS: in case you are wondering, no I haven’t played Mario Odyssey or Zelda or PUBG for obvious reasons. Still need to consider Horizon Zero Dawn.

And Happy New Year!

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