From Video Games to Hollywood Cult Classics

There’s nothing I love more than a live-action movie adaption of popular video games. Seriously.

Most gamers abhor the idea of their favorite game being transformed into a vehicle for the masses and I understand. I’m the same when it comes to Hollywood/Netflix productions of anime – I am not a big fan. But there’s one difference; live-action anime adaptations produced in America have never been any good. Ever! They often oversimplify a complex story and generate more explosions than plot. Generally, they all achieve is a loss of continuity. They tend to be harder to localize which can alienate longtime fans. Live-action adaptions of video games, on the other hand, tend to be more classic to where they become these begrudgingly loved cult classics. The effort to recreate and simultaneously re-imagine has always been more successful with video game movie adaptations over anime movies. Most video games are experienced with localization, so movie adaptations are more easily accepted by both fans and those outside the usual audience. They are usually created to humor the video game consumer, while anime adaptations are more inclined to completely stray from the original in order to appeal to a wider, more Western audience.

I love a good video game to movie adaptation. So if you’re looking for some great video game movies to watch, here are my top 5 video game to Hollywood movie favorites!

5. Resident Evil: Apocalypse


Even I’ll admit, that the movie plotlines got pretty wonky, but this particular one felt so much like the games. Of course, there are plenty of easter eggs throughout this film which adds to the excitement. This rendition is the best in the movie series.

4. Street Fighter


Kylie Minogue as Cammy, Ming-Na as Chun-li. The final scene with all the victory poses. That is all.

3. Prince of Persia


One of the most successful video game movies! The acting was great, the effects were great; it kept a great balance of the all video game’s elements and an action-packed Hollywood blockbuster. It felt like watching the game on a big screen featuring Jake Gyllenhaal’s arms!

2. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider


Okay. A LOT of people will fight me on this, but this is a good movie. Period. I often hear pushback on this movie because people love to talk bad about Angelina Jolie or because the felt it was too predictable. But if you’ve played the original games (and let’s be honest, if you’ve played Uncharted) it has the same feel. This movie was truer to the original Tomb Raider franchise than the current Tomb Raider games.

1. Super Mario Bros.


The movie that put video game movies on the map. You can thank this movie for everything. Say what you want, but I bet this was one of your favorite movies growing up!

Got a favorite movie adaption of a video game or anime? Comment and let us know your favorites!

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