Ever Dreamed of Being an Asshole Goose?

Well, now your wishes have been answered.

Geese are scary. And also assholes. This is fact.

I don’t know about you, but at least I feel my life is riddled with various goose incidents (mainly related specifically to Canada geese) – be it in regard to having to navigate a minefield like poop situation at a park or receiving a jump scare from an angry individual bursting out of the bushes wings raised and ready to fight for its life.

Prime goose specimen via The Georgia Straight

I first encountered these lovely beings when my family moved to Massachusetts when I was young, but in recent years they have also come to inhabit the side of the world where I reside now. If you visit the zoo in Helsinki, it sometimes feels more like a lair of Canada geese than a place that many different animal species call home. Last time I went, I witnesses and angry Geese family having quite the kerfuffle with an equally angry bison in the bison’s enclosure.

Now, however, the Australian game studio House House is finally giving us the chance to experience how these geese feel when they are terrorizing everyone by letting us be the Asshole Goose.

Perhaps after all the satisfying goose espionage and sabotage action you will feel more empathetic to these creatures when they wreak havoc in your life again once you venture outside from the safe confides of your own home?

We shall find out in 2018 when the game releases.

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