Someone is Fangirling for ‘ISLE OF DOGS’

Isle of Dogs is the newest stop motion film from Wes Anderson. He is also known for directing Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Grand Budapest Hotel – both hold a special place in cinema preferences. When Isle of Dogs trailer came out, I have watched it non-stop on a loop. I think there are more reasons I am excited about this film besides the famous director.

Dogs dogs dogs are everywhere! These lovely mammals are the center of the film. Being stamped as a pest in Japan, they are deported to an island to live on their own. They look so cute, you feel sorry for them – and dogs are to be loved after all. In the trailer, you could see there are five of them taking the main roles – the so-called “alpha males”. They look different and seem to have an unique character, yet they are still dogs and dogs’ shenanigans. By these facts, the film has already made a good impression for me.

Doesn’t this fella look lovely?

The story comes together with the dogs and a little boy who is presumably looking for his dog. My guess is that the quest for finding boy’s dog is a part of a bigger scheme, which then overcomes the dogs and humans separation. The trailer likes to keep the main plot as a secret even as it lashes so much information near the end. You are overwhelmed with many scenes and a thrilling background tune to make it all exciting. And that’s how the audience should be – excited and looking forward to how the story develops. I think this is a clear sign of a well made trailer. It shows you just enough for your imagination to fill in the gaps. All that remains, is for you to go and watch the film.

Last but not least, it is a stop motion animated film as I already mentioned at the beginning of this article. As a model builder myself, I understand how much work and time is put into each model and scenery. Then animating the models in a flowing movie is even more work. But it gives so much satisfaction watching everything moves so smoothly and also the interaction between objects – that’s why I have a soft spot for stop motion movies. They are special and you know the work behind the scenes was not half-assed but well-thought out and crafted.

That’s my impression of what Isle of Dogs has to offer! I am definitely going to watch the movie. So are you, I hope.


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