Got Gacha in Mobile Games (KH Unchained / Union X)

In the recent video games related news, there are a lot of mentions of loot boxes or loot crates from games like Star Wars Battlefront II, Need for Speed Payback and Call of Duty WWII, but I will leave those games and their problems for another time. Those kind of micro transactions have existed in mobile games for quite some time, but for a bit different purpose. I want to use Kingdom Hearts Unchained / Union X as an example of how much impact these transactions have on a localized mobile game.

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Final Fantasy X: Caught Between Cultures

Thanks to the newest episode of the ongoing Kotaku YouTube series called Found In Translation: Final Fantasy VII the amount of emotion and meaning that gets lost in translation when expressing Japanese in another language has been a hot topic among me and my friends. Japanese is such a nuanced and beautiful language that even one word can convey so much more than its “counterpart” in let’s say, English. Continue reading “Final Fantasy X: Caught Between Cultures”