Detroit: Become Human Wants You to Fail

I still remember how back when Heavy Rain came out, it was nothing like anything I had ever seen or played before and it left a really huge impression on me. It had its flaws, but it made me realize how much I genuinely enjoyed story-driven games and since then, we’ve gotten so many amazing iterations on the genre such as the TellTale Games games, Life is Strange series and Until Dawn, and I unashamedly love all of these to bits. Continue reading “Detroit: Become Human Wants You to Fail”

Hidden Agenda and the Repeating History of Interactivity

Not long ago, PlayStation revealed PlayLink, a way to play games with friends that takes advantage of your smartphone or tablet.  Most of the titles are your standard party game fare, ranging from quizzes and mini games to even SingStar. The most interesting title though is an anomaly in their midst – Supermassive Games’ Hidden Agenda. Continue reading “Hidden Agenda and the Repeating History of Interactivity”