So Many Questions: A KH3 Ending Reaction [Spoilers]

This reaction of Kingdom Hearts 3 is FULL of spoilers. Please don’t read unless you’ve completed the entire game.




Where do I start? Kingdom Hearts has been my favorite video game franchise since I saw the ad for it on Cartoon Network after watching an episode of Powerpuff Girls. I’ve been waiting half my life to see the Seekers of Darkness chapters close. But I just have to rant!

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely loved the game (minus the stupid pirate boat fights, what is this Assassin’s Creed 3?!), but I think I’m not the only one who spent the last 3 hours of that game screaming questioning expletives at the screen.

Sora and Endings

Sora! I love him. He’s probably my all-time favorite male video game character ever. He’s so very human in his emotions and, next to Riku, had the most profound character development throughout the series. He’s upbeat, sassy, and struggles with hard times. He truly learns that his power is his own and it is strengthened through the bonds of his companions, which is why he brings light to all his connections. Even to Master Xehanort.

Beautiful child!

In all honesty, I played the entire game thinking, knowing that Sora was going to be separated from the realm of light in the end. I thought he was going to have to lock the door from the other side of Kingdom Hearts like Riku did in the first game, or that he would be revealed as the true key to Kingdom Hearts and remake the worlds. Instead, it was because he had to deep dive to save Kairi…I guess….maybe. Which brings me to my point. It was so unclear! And that’s what upsets me about the ending. So he sacrifices himself for Kairi (which, thanks for cutting down her own character development and making her a damsel in distress AGAIN). I’m confused about what happened to Sora. Did he fall deeper into the abyss because he had to use the power of waking to save Kairi? If so, why did he appear next to her in the end? Is he in her heart this time? Or did he go back to The Final World again? Or did he straight up die and end up in the Reaper’s Game in Shibuya with the World Ends With You crew? If you played that game, then you know how sucky that outcome was!

I have a friend who says that Sora and Kairi can’t exist on the same plane, so that’s it.

In other words, I’m upset that Sora, the guiding light of the series, was given such an unclear ending in this game. However, unlike many others out there, I believe Sora will make it back. Nomura stated that this is the last game with Xehanort, but Sora’s journey will continue. I’m not sure what that means as far as his role as main character, but Riku and Kairi are not going to just sit there and let Sora be a sacrifice without trying to fight for him. It may take a couple of games, but I really believe Riku can dive to retrieve Sora from where or whenever he is. And if you’re feeling down about it, remember this: Sora made a point to tell Namine that he would say “thank you” in person, and he hasn’t done that yet! Nomura has NEVER forgotten that promise, and I don’t think he will. Sora will make a grand return to the realm of light for good. And Riku and Kairi are the keys!

Judging by the secret movie, which could just be an easter egg for Nomura to show off his own powers of creative darkness, it seems like Riku said, “Eff it, I’ll find him myself,” and made his way to this Tokyo worldline. Will this be addressed in KH4 or a DLC?

Sora is in Shibuya while Riku’s in Shinjuku/Insomnia

The Destiny Trio (Sora, Riku, Kairi) should be reunited. And if not, there needs to be a definite end. I’m looking forward to what Nomura has in store.

Sea-Salt Bae

And speaking of Nomura! The absolute salty sass on that man! Using the Versus XIII details to make a “better” Final Fantasy XV was cold! Like, damn! “Verrus Rex” means the “True King” in Latin and “Yozora” means “night sky” in Japanese. Seriously, dang! Well, I hope we get to see more of Noctis/Sora and Riku in the future!

The Future is in Union X

…Dang…that reveal though. I knew Xigbar was beyond important since Birth By Sleep, but I never imagined this. If the next chapter in the Kingdom Hearts series is about the Master of Masters and his seemingly nefarious plot, I’m absolutely on board. Also, I really need to know what’s in the box because I have several wild theories!

what's in the box
Hopefully not someone’s head!

A real final fantasy?

Finally, I missed the Final Fantasy characters. Where was Cloud? Cid? Leon/Squall and his adorable big brother-ness to Sora? I could have stood for a longer game if Sora got to check in with the Hollow Bastion Restoration Crew. It would have helped support Sora throughout the game. I guess Ienzo just took over operations!


Overall, I loved this game. It had its ups and downs in story and gameplay, but overall, it was a beautiful game, story, and ending to Seekers of Darkness chapter. I wanted more concrete answers with Sora’s disappearance, Kairi to NOT be written as defenseless, and more interaction between the characters who have a defining past (Sora and Roxas, Riku and Terra, Riku and Kairi and Sora together). Some of you are too young to know what the end of the first Kingdom Hearts game felt like. We had no idea if a second game was even going to happen! I feel a lot like I did after the secret ending Deep Dive from Kingdom Hearts 1 – very confused with no real guess on what the heck was coming next. Also, that was back in the day where youtube was really young and Tumblr wasn’t a thing, so you were left alone on a lot of your theories. It’s kind of fun!

The next set of games will be darker in storyline. Union Cross is already really heavy. But I’m hopeful we’ll get satisfying endings. All we can do is be patient and hope. I believe Sora will return to be with his friends in the Realm of Light. But I believe we’ve got some dark times ahead. As fans, all we can do is believe.

Got any theories on the KH universe? Tell what you think may be in store for the next installment of Kingdom Hearts! May your heart be your guiding Key.

One thought on “So Many Questions: A KH3 Ending Reaction [Spoilers]

  1. Finally typing up some thoughts here in the replies…

    – In regards to the secret movie, I’d be super excited to have the next KH taking you to various Square-Enix worlds instead of Disney, because then the complete lack of Final Fantasy characters in KH3 would kind of be justified!

    – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your Se7en gif. xD because not only is it perfect in terms of the box, but also how the Foretellers each represent one of the 7 sins in name and animal mask according to the Ancrene Wisse. And in regards to that I made two exciting observations: 1) There are 7 pieces of darkness in the new “chess game”, which makes it plausible that the 7 sins aspect might come into full play in the next saga, 2) Gula’s animal mask is the WRONG animal, but the RIGHT animal of Gula is present in the pieces of the new “chess game”. Makes me think he might have more to do with that traitor business.

    – Did you do the end content of KH3 called battle gates? The reports they drop offer more insight to that girl Axel and Saïx keep alluding to (referred to in the reports as Subject X). I have two candidates on who this girl is and if we wanna think pretty dark then maybe it is even she who is in the box. xD

    – Also, I am really bummed about Kairi. Thought KH3 would finally redeem her as a character…. but nope. orz

    – Also man, reading your article made me think back to the times after the first KH and the burning desire to know more and all that confusion… My internet life actually started on a KH2 speculation forum even lol. Man, can’t imagine what my life would have been like without this game series…

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