That Residing Evil in Your Mind

We have all been there. The first time, you encounter the most frightening thing in your life. Then you need to deal with the horrible nightmares in the aftermath bedtime. It’s never pretty and mostly ends with moist bed sheets of …sweat.

This post originally appeared in [gamification] on Nov 3, 2016.

I remember my first horror memory. My brother played BioHazard / Resident Evil – a classic in the horror games genre – in front of me and my cousins in dark room. My mind was fried in fear.

Many years have passed now (Mind you, I still got some chills when I posted this GIF image). I have learned that zombies or monsters don’t exist in real life and I avoided horror games like the plague. Sadly, it resulted with me consciously rejecting a whole genre from the gaming world.

But my curiosity got the best of me from time to time. As I watched other people play horror games with hilarious results *cough jump scares*. And it gets more complicated when your soulmate likes to play these games. So, I tried to make contact with horror games.

Until dawn

I decided to step up my game and dove into horror games. Until Dawn was the first one for me to handle. Oh boy, I was shivering all the time and fell for every jump scare (even on the second run). Fun was the last thing on my mind. This proves how immersive games have become. Even without the latest Virtual Reality shenanigans, developers are striving for a way to scare your pants off.

My latest achievement was to survive the short trailer of Resident Evil 7. Yes, my youth haunter has come back home from a long trip. Not to spoil too much, it was amazing how much it has gone forward in terms of creating the scary mood and horror haunting on your back. In all honesty, I did like it. Talk about a change of heart or should I say…change of game.

So, what was your first horror game? How did you experience it? Did you continue to play until the end? Share with me your scares.


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